ApneaGuard Oral Appliance Therapy

Cleaning and Storage of your ApneaGuard Oral Appliance

If you recently became a ApneaGuard patient, or if you are thinking about getting an oral device to improve your sleep by treating your mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), then you might be thinking about how best to keep the oral device clean. The oral appliance has a very important job to do as it works towards moving the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent the soft tissue at the back of the throat area from collapsing the airway and obstructing airflow. It follows then that keeping your oral device in tip-top condition is going to be important. Here are some tips on how to keep your ApneaGuard oral appliance clean.

Care and Cleaning Tips for Your ApneaGuard

Brush them – gently

Always clean your device in the morning immediately after having removed it from your mouth. Keep your ApneaGuard with SomnoMed clean by brushing it with the brush enclosed in your retainer case and/or with a soft bristle toothbrush. Don’t use toothpaste to brush your device, because the abrasives in toothpaste can cause scratches and potentially damage your device. Avoid hot or boiling water as it will damage the device and the micro-recorder (if ordered). You can use mild dish soap, a partial piece of denture cleaner (like Efferdent, use a 1/4 of the tab as most denture cleaners can be harmful to the soft inner liner and/or metal in your device). You can also use a vinegar/water solution as another cleaning option.  If you see any discoloration, stop and ask your dentist for another suggestion. Avoid soaking your device in a cleaning solution for more than 15 minutes each day.

Only wear your ApneaGuard with SomnoMed on clean teeth

It is very important that you brush your teeth before you wear your oral device each night. If you do not wear your ApneaGuard on clean teeth you may experience discoloration and strong odors because it can increase the number of bacteria on your device.

Keep it safe

Have you gotten into the habit of taking out your oral device and leaving it on your night stand or next to the bathroom sink? This is one sure fire way for your device to breed bacteria or get eaten by your dog (pets love to chew on these). Always rinse off your device with water after you remove it so that saliva doesn’t dry onto them. After you clean your device we recommend that you store it based on your device specifications.

Avoid heat

To maintain fit and longevity of your oral appliance, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, leaving it in your vehicle, or using hot or boiling water to clean your device.

Cleaning ready

SomnoMed has an easy to use cleaning tablet to keep your ApneaGuard clean. Exclusively manufactured for SomnoMed and specifically designed for use with SomnoMed devices; SomTabs helps to keep your oral device in pristine working condition. Watch the video below to learn more about SomTabs and maintaining your device.

When you first get your oral appliance, you may initially experience a mild plastic taste. This will disappear with storage and use. Your calibration tool and cleaning brush are in the handy tool kit underneath the storage case.

Please note: To reduce the possibility of discoloration do not drink coffee, tea or cola with the device in place. Always brush teeth thoroughly before use.


Always store your SomnoDent Fusion or Herbst Advance in a container of clean water when not in use. A storage container is included for your convenience. By storing in water, the material will not dry out and will help prevent crack corrosion and possible discoloration of the metal components (caused by buildup of salts and saliva). The device should be fully submerged.

Other Helpful Advice:

  • To get the most out of a your ApneaGuard with SomnoMed oral appliance, store it away from direct sunlight and never use any abrasive toothpastes
  • During cleaning, always use room temperature or slightly warm tap water. Hot or boiling water could cause the appliance to warp and no longer fit
  • Remember to brush and floss thoroughly before wearing the device, as this will limit bacterial buildup
  • When traveling, always store your appliance in a carry-on bag. Not only will this prevent it from being accidentally lost, but it will also prevent it from being exposed to extreme temperatures in the cargo area of the flight. To avoid any security stops, store the device in a dry container until you finally reach your destination, and then water can be added
  • If traveling by car, remember to not leave your sleep appliance in a vehicle during warmer months due to extreme temperatures.