The Perfect No-Mask CPAP Alternative

The facts about ApneaGuard the CPAP Alternative in the Washington, DC area

ApneaGuard℠ Oral Appliance Therapy is the perfect no-mask CPAP alternative treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea, or for failed CPAP therapy.


  • ByeByeCPAP at Comprehensive Sleep Care Center is the only sleep center in the Washington, DC metro area to provide on-site oral appliance therapy with our own team of dentists experienced in treating sleep apnea.
  • Coordinated care between our board-certified sleep physicians and our staff of dentists.
  • We bill your medical insurance directly for your oral appliance therapy.

What are the benefits of oral appliance therapy?

  • Non-invasive treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea.
  • Alternative to CPAP therapy if you are not able to meet compliance with your CPAP therapy.
  • Significantly improves sleep apnea symptoms including oxygen saturation and daytime sleepiness.
  • More comfortable than CPAP “Custom Fitted to Your Mouth”
  • Offers a less cumbersome and more attractive option compared to a CPAP mask.
  • Unlike CPAP, oral appliance therapy is discreet, perfectly silent.
  • Several options available to choose from which allows our dentists to fit the right appliance to you for the best therapy.
  • Great for travel as oral appliances are low maintenance and can easily be tucked away in your luggage or carry on. No hassles going through security when traveling
  • Better Reported treatment compliance rates compared to CPAP
  • Oral appliance therapy is the perfect CPAP alternative, often the preferred treatment with patients.

Financial benefits of choosing our ApneaGuard service over your dentist

  • Convenience and optimal care.
  • All coordinated under one roof by board-certified, fellowship-trained sleep medicine specialists working in conjunction with our team of dentists on staff.

We accept most insurances

  • Typically, Health insurance companies will cover the cost of an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea. (individual benefit plans may vary as to deductible and co-insurance amount)
  • Most dentists cannot bill their patient’s medical insurance.
  • The cost of an oral appliance is typically paid out of pocket (can cost upwards to $3,000) and often at time of service.
  • Patients can file a claim with their health insurance. The claim will be considered ‘out of network’ with an additional deductible to be met, and typically only covers 30 to 50% of the insurance allowable amount for the oral appliance, not the actual fee charged by the dentist.